Liha is the best meat cookbook in the world

Liha (Meat) was chosen as the best meat cookbook in the world at the 2014 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Beijing. Gourmand Awards is an annual cookbook and wine book competition organized by Gourmand International, sometimes called the “Oscars of food awards”.

Liha is written by Mika Remes, the photographs are by Tommi Anttonen and the recipes are compiled by Mikko Takala. The book is published by

In its elaborate 512 pages Liha tells the juicy tale of Finnish meat from pasture to plate. The book also includes more than a hundred delicious meat recipes.



The 512-page book “Liha”

(Meat – everything about meat from the pasture to one’s plate) explains everything essential to the journey of meat from the pastures to a plate.


Mika Remes’ text and Tommi Anttonen’s images take the reader on a unique trip from the pastures to the slaughterhouse, to the food processing plants, and finally
to the kitchen.


Mikko Takala’s compilation of recipes present over a 100 interesting and delicious guides to beef, pork, and chicken.


The book has been compiled in a close-knit collaboration with the experts of HK Scan Inc. “Liha” is a tool and an encyclopedia for everyone interested in meat. Only in Finnish.


Masterchef Finland

Our Mikko will be one of the head judges in Masterchef Finland 2013 television show. The third season of the series starts 22nd January 2013 on Finnish Channel 4 (Nelonen) and will be shown on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Masterchef Finland

News Mikko as a judge in Masterchef Finland 2012 Mikko, our editor/writer is currently one of the head judges in Masterchef Finland 2012.

The series is shown on Finnish Channel 4 (Nelonen) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Unashamedly nostalgic Mummola (Granny’s kitchen) is a cookbook on classic Finnish home cooking with a twist by Hans Välimäki, owner and chef of Chez Dominique, the only two Michelin star restaurant in Finland. Edited and written by Comida’s Mikko.


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Our photographer Tommi Anttonen took fantastic pictures for chef Sami Tallberg’s cookbook on wild and foraged food.

”Villiyrttikeittokirja” features 50 different edible herbs and plants with matching recipes. Due out in English soon (Wild Herbs - Scandinavian Wild Herbs Book, Read Me 2012)


Chez Jouni

Our friend Jouni, Finnish born chef with one Michelin star restaurant in Nice filmed a cookery show for MTV3.

Cookbook loosely based on series features great recipes and Tommi’s outstanding pictures.

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Mikko as a judge in Masterchef Finland 2012 Mikko, our editor/writer is currently one of the head judges in Masterchef Finland 2012...